ORC : Powder Room Reveal


At long last, my reveal pictures of last fall's One Room Challenge! To catch up, see my last post (week 5) here.

We did go a bit over our 7 week deadline in finishing the space, however we were completed before the holidays and I just now got around to taking photographs! We painted, changed the sink to a vanity, changed out the electrical switches, installed a new light fixture and mirror, new towel ring and toilet paper holder, and accessories.

Here is what the space looked like before we started (basically untouched from moving in):


And now...


The real game changer was definitely the paint. But we love having the new vanity. Closed storage for cleaning materials is great, and we really prefer having a larger countertop. No more bumping the soap when trying to turn the water on and off. Plus now there is room for a candle and pretty matches.

We also added some art from our old apartment, and a small convex mirror that bounces the light around and always gets compliments. I am still mulling over adding more art pieces eventually, especially opposite the mirror. But I haven't quite made up my mind and I'm not going to rush into anything.

One of my favorite updates was the new light fixture from Cedar and Moss. I like that it adds a modern touch, along with the sleek new towel ring and mirror. The vanity has clean lines but is more traditional and marries the styles in our home in one piece, especially with the brass knobs.

Thanks so much for following along! This is the first space that we completed in the new house. And huge kudos to my husband, who took on the burden of most of the improvement projects, including construction, plumbing, and electrical... some of which he'd never done before and it took several trips to Home Depot. He learned a lot and I'm so grateful he chose to take on my project!