ORC : Powder Room Reveal


At long last, my reveal pictures of last fall's One Room Challenge! To catch up, see my last post (week 5) here.

We did go a bit over our 7 week deadline in finishing the space, however we were completed before the holidays and I just now got around to taking photographs! We painted, changed the sink to a vanity, changed out the electrical switches, installed a new light fixture and mirror, new towel ring and toilet paper holder, and accessories.

Here is what the space looked like before we started (basically untouched from moving in):


And now...


The real game changer was definitely the paint. But we love having the new vanity. Closed storage for cleaning materials is great, and we really prefer having a larger countertop. No more bumping the soap when trying to turn the water on and off. Plus now there is room for a candle and pretty matches.

We also added some art from our old apartment, and a small convex mirror that bounces the light around and always gets compliments. I am still mulling over adding more art pieces eventually, especially opposite the mirror. But I haven't quite made up my mind and I'm not going to rush into anything.

One of my favorite updates was the new light fixture from Cedar and Moss. I like that it adds a modern touch, along with the sleek new towel ring and mirror. The vanity has clean lines but is more traditional and marries the styles in our home in one piece, especially with the brass knobs.

Thanks so much for following along! This is the first space that we completed in the new house. And huge kudos to my husband, who took on the burden of most of the improvement projects, including construction, plumbing, and electrical... some of which he'd never done before and it took several trips to Home Depot. He learned a lot and I'm so grateful he chose to take on my project!

ORC : Powder Room Week 5

ORC download.png

Welcome back, friends! We are in the home stretch but still lots to do! To catch up, here are the previous weeks:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

If you remember, last week it was announced that the challenge was extended to 7 weeks, so we do have two more weeks - and we are going to need them!

As you can see above, painting happened! We managed to get the towel ring down, the light fixture down, and did 2 coats of Black Satin by Benjamin Moore. Of course, with the light down, we have been working by lantern light, which makes things pretty tricky to see. Weird shadows, black paint... so we do have a couple "touch up spots" to address. But for the most part, painting is finished!

We also hit up Home Depot for some details...


I was thrilled when my husband suggested changing out the actual outlet and switches and not just the plate covers - I really didn't want white splotches on our pretty black walls. But I didn't want to put too much on our plate. He assured me it should be an easy switch, so that is his project ;)

I'm ok with the hardware choices - they were not my top choice but they were about 25% less than my ideal pieces, and we needed some budget items to help round things out. I haven't unboxed them yet as I'm still hoping something else will magically fall into my lap. I'm not wild about the tone of the oil-rubbed bronze (which is what our faucet is, and the existing door hardware throughout our house). Once it's all together I'll have to make the final call.


These knobs arrived a couple weeks ago but I hadn't unboxed them to take a picture. We got enough to replace all the knobs on the vanity, and they should tie in nicely to the brass light fixture.

In the next week...

  • Spray paint fan cover black.
  • Wall paint touch ups.
  • Remove sink.
  • Install vanity!
  • Receive hand towels (ordered!) and buy other accessories.
  • Hang art, decide if I need more.
  • Electrical.

We'll see how much of that happens this week, I'm sure some will bump into the (new) final week. Mostly I'm looking forward to having a dozen boxes OUT of my entryway!

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ORC : Powder Room Week 4


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4! Well this is embarrassing - we have made almost zero progress on our powder room. Shame shame shame. Life came at us hard this week.

I did start prepping for painting, then discovered that I'm not sure how to take down the towel ring or the toilet paper holder. I don't want to damage the wall, but there seem to be no visible screws of any kind. I will fuss with it more but I'm nervous I'm going to damage something! The light fixture also has to come down before I can paint.

On the good news, the vanity is being delivered this afternoon, so things can start moving on that. We were able to track down our mirror in California and that has been forwarded to us, so we should have that in a couple days too.

I haven't made steps on sourcing new bath hardware. Or accessories. I did get some of our art unpacked though, which means as soon as the wall color goes up I can start playing with what might work out of what we already have. I'm a bit torn on what I'm looking for in hand towels - I love the look of Turkish towels but I don't love how they feel. Hoping to maybe find some with a terry lining. 

Also, we got an email this week from Linda, the ORC organizer, that has extended the challenge by one week - there have been a lot of delays due to the natural disasters around the country, and she thought to help people out we could use an extension. I haven't been effected by any of these, but I sure could use the additional week! So our reveal will now be during Week 7, not Week 6.

Sorry for kind of a lackluster update this week AGAIN. I thought I'd have all kinds of time, and that just hasn't been the case. I promise juicy details from the next steps!

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ORC download.png

ORC : Powder Room Week 3


Welcome back for week 3 of the One Room Challenge! The point where everyone participating suddenly realizes WE ARE HALFWAY THROUGH. Cue panic attack.

(If you're confused, check out Week 1, and Week 2).

During week 1 I started ordering the main components of the room right away. They started arriving this week, but everything hinges on the vanity, which won't be here until next week. The faucet arrived, pictured above, the light fixture arrived (which I don't dare fully unbox until it's ready to go on the wall!). And we picked up paint for the upper walls.

One hurdle this week - I located a mirror, which I needed to be a budget-friendly item. I found a mirror at Target (online) for $50! I ordered it about a week ago, and got a delivery notification on Tuesday that it had been delivered... only it wasn't here. Come to find out, in my moving-madness brain, I had confused our old address that auto-filled the Target order form and my new mirror was delivered to my old apartment building in California. Oy vey. Luckily we've figured out a way to retrieve it and if shipping it from CA here is too pricey we will just return it and order it again. Fingers crossed! 

Plans this week - really hit the pedal to the metal. Get paint up when we have a stretch of not-rainy days. Check out some sources for hardware - toilet paper holder, towel ring, etc. I'd like these to be a budget friendly find. Of course I've already found beautiful pieces that blow the budget! ;) And sift through my art or hit the stores to find two to three pieces. Get some of the accessorizing out of the way so the focus can be on install once the vanity arrives.

We also have had some other just busy life stuff going on the last two weeks that has taken most of my design attention - new carpet that had us displaced for several days, we got new dining furniture and living room chairs that had to have somewhere to go, etc. But we've got a window opening up that I can devote to this challenge! Can't wait to show you some real progress next week - PAINT. And watch my Instagram for behind the scenes!

ORC download.png

Still so glad I signed on to do this project! It feels under control at the moment but I know the next 3 weeks will FLY by.

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