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Maggie Rose Blog

Designer Spotlight: Kelly Deck Design

Maggie Stephens

I love when I stumble across a new-to-me designer and get to spend a coffee break flipping through their portfolio. It's refreshing to see a new point of view, real spaces (not ones only styled for magazines), and see what other designers are up to. When I saw Vancouver, B.C. designer Kelly Deck's portfolio, I was struck by the marriage between modern and traditional, her use of neutrals, clean lines, and simple but beautiful homes. I just had to share.

See more of her work on Houzz

Trend: Geometrics

Maggie Stephens

I've been doing a lot of online browsing lately and opening new trade accounts for clients, and one trend I've been drawn to again and again is bold geometric designs. I'm loving some graphic patterns in black, white, and neutrals. They feel like the perfect current element to add to a space.

This rug comes in most standard sizes and would be a great backdrop to a hip, casual living room.

This bone inlay nightstand would add a pop to any bedroom, but you could also get away with using it as a side table in any other space as well.

For just a dash of this trend, pillows and blankets are always a safe addition. Love this throw.

My favorite part of this trend is that it plays well with others, especially botanical prints. Or sit back with some solid colors (or neutrals) and let the geometrics be the star. Definitely versatile.

Monday Moment

Maggie Stephens


This spring has totally flown by - two weekends ago, I was a bridesmaid in my dear friend's wedding - an event to which I had counted down with a bit of trepidation concerning growing baby belly vs bridesmaid dress. Ordering a few sizes too big and last minute tailoring seemed to do the trick, and the two of us had a wonderful time celebrating my friend and her new husband. I also got to re-wear my own wedding earrings and cardigan, so it was a nice little reminder of our own nuptials. 

I'm now just about 26 weeks along, which means there is a lot to do still for baby boy, and quickly vanishing days to take care of things... as well as wrap up client projects in preparation for a little maternity leave. The nursery is still about 50% office right now, though as we pick up some decor pieces and furniture it's starting to take shape - slightly off course from the last plan I shared. I've been instagramming items as they are added to the scheme.

I'm also making a stronger effort to get back to regular blogging. I miss sharing finds here, as well as progress in our own home. Plus it takes me out of the day-to-day of the business - never a bad thing.

I hope you had a great weekend and am wishing us all a productive and positive week!

Arianna Belle Outlet

Maggie Stephens

Maybe I'm a creature of habit, or I just like to make things easy on myself, but when I find a good source for niche home decor, I tend to return to them again and again. One of those, for pretty designer pillows, is Arianna Belle. I love the ease of ordering ready-made pillows (especially for jobs with a quick turn-around) and I've used Arianna's several times over the years. She's added tons of new fabrics recently, so basically it's like one-stop shopping for designer pillows.

This room I mixed some of her velvet pillows and designer patterns with kilims from Turkey and linen knits...

I used two of her geometric pillows in brown in this living room....

Outside of her regular shop, Arianna also has an outlet, where you can find discounted pillows in the same chic fabrics. Some of them are being discontinued, some don't make her quality control cut, and some are simply in less popular or odd sizes (which usually can be remedied by buying an insert that is one or two inches too big, especially down fill). You can even browse each category (so if you want to avoid less-than-perfect ones you can do so, etc.).

These don't come with inserts, just FYI (hint: I like the down inserts at Crate and Barrel).

I just heard that Arianna is cleaning out her inventory to make space for new arrivals, and has been adding tons of pillows to the outlet. There are lots of sizes available, and below are only some of my favorites (but I thought they could almost look fab together on a long sectional!)...

Arianna is one of the sweetest ladies in blogland, so I hope you'll check out her shop - and the outlet if you're looking for a deal. Below: Arianna and me, about a year and a half ago in San Francisco. Come visit again soon, A!