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Maggie Rose Blog

Holiday Greetings!

Maggie Stephens

Things have been a little quiet on this blog the last couple of weeks... client work, sickness, holiday time (and the tiredness that comes from both those last things...) have been taking up my days. Happy to have everything at a good pause point to take some time off for Christmas and New Year's! Trying to fully unplug from work, so I won't be checking email (gasp! I know). 

Happy Holidays to you and yours (no matter what you're celebrating). I'll see you in 2015!

Color Theory: Olive and Blush

Maggie Stephens

Mixing muddied and muted tones with soft pastels will always result in a moody but soft interior. I especially like mixing a potentially unappealing color like olive green with a romantic blush tone. You get a lovely sense of contrast as well as temperature balance. Plus it's not commonly seen, so the interiors (or outfits!) with this combination always look fresh and interesting.

Take a look:

Trend: Fiber Art

Maggie Stephens

It used to be that the word "macrame" would send you visions of either the '70s or of summer camp - but macrame is one of several fiber arts that has been gaining momentum in the world of interior design trends. More and more I'm seeing weavings, tapestries, even scraps of textiles, being used as artwork in chic interiors. Some of them are framed, and some are simply hung on the wall to add a dose of texture. I rounded up a few of my favorite examples that I've seen lately.

(Note: A couple of these might actually be paper or pantings - it was a little hard to tell, but they still fit the "look" to me so I thought it would be remiss to leave them out).

nicolegibbons instagram CK j.jpg

Monday Moment

Maggie Stephens


I'm reviving my Monday Moment series, where I pop in to say hello on Monday with some chit-chat about life and our weekend!

Seems like life has been moving at warp-speed lately, am I alone? We were grateful to have a pretty open weekend on our calendar. Saturday we ran some errands and wandered around downtown Willow Glen by day, and then spent date night at our favorite sushi restaurant, and playing a new board game (above). Ryan loves these fancy board games, and this is one that I have been enjoying so far too - it's called The Castles of Burgundy.

As you can see in the picture, we also had some fun making fancy cocktails. We almost never go through the effort to get out the shaker and measure things, but for this Spiced Pear Flip, it was worth all the extra effort. We still have some of the infused simple syrup left, so I think we'll be experimenting with the leftovers some night this week.

After 3 years in the decorating world, I still am surprised when business starts picking up in November and December. It's been the case for me every year, but I keep thinking it's a fluke! In any case, it's really nice to start laying the groundwork for projects before the holidays. The beginning of a project takes some time to get nailed down, but I love that after Christmas break I can usually hit the ground running with lots of creative design work.

Meanwhile, I also used some of our quiet weekend time to do some thinking about our second on-our-own Thanksgiving here in California. We reserved a turkey breast and almost have the menu set. Thinking of a few gaps in my table setting, and now would be the time to order any missing pieces! Especially when it's just the two of us, I like the ritual of having the table set and special.

Happy Monday - stay tuned this week, I have actual posts in the pipeline! You can always sign up here to get posts in your email as well. Have a great week!