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Maggie Rose Blog

Our Place: Coffee Table

Maggie Stephens

Way back last winter when we bought our new sofa, my husband requested the ability to put up his feet, since the low arm of the sofa meant sitting sideways was not very comfortable. I agreed we should swap out our glass coffee table for an ottoman. It took several months of looking for the right thing at the right price point, right color, etc. Once I found this ottoman, it kept selling out and being restocked, only to have it sell out again almost immediately. Finally I snagged one in the right color while it was in stock, and I even had a coupon. I think that classifies as a "win" in the decor world.

(Thisbe snuck into just about every photo...)

We've had it about a month now and I love it. It's the exact right thing. And at it's reasonable price (around $300) I was so worried the quality would be compromised, but the tufting is done beautifully, the piece feels very sturdy, and there is nothing that feels "cheap" about it in any way. It's from, so I was plenty nervous until it arrived. You never know with those discount places.

We've been using this tray as a spot to set down drinks, which is working very well, although I'd sort of like a little side table perch (maybe a garden stool) so you don't have to lean forward as far. And I'm in the market for a slightly larger box to hold our video game controllers - I moved them out of these pictures, but they are usually strewn about. That's not the intended look ;)

I'm looking forward to trying new styling arrangements with this larger piece. For now, a few books, a candle, a blanket in easy reach, and a little bowl of our recent polaroid adventures are the perfect neutral set-up. As the holidays draw closer I think I'll enjoy adding some rich warm tones.

Since the weather here is finally starting to cool down, I think I'm "nesting" a bit - we have a few more new purchases to share (some are here already, some are in the works) so stay tuned.

Client Project: Living Room Reveal

Maggie Stephens

As much as I love the finished product of a completed room, I love hearing the reactions from my clients as they settle into their newly decorated home. Such as the husband who lives here loves these pillows. Or hearing that they get compliments when they have company. Or that they just love spending time in this room now. Design isn't just about the pretty stuff - it's creating a home! I think that's awesome.

I shared a few phone snaps of this room months ago when it was almost done, and then funny enough I thought I'd already blogged these until I went to send a link to a blog friend. Not written yet, whoops! So these are a long time coming! Hope you enjoy.

Quick backstory - this is a rental home of a wonderful couple, their beloved cat (note the cat perch!), and soon-to-arrive baby. They wanted help incorporating a few items they already owned into a larger space, with the knowledge that they might move again to a smaller home. And they were ready for some new furniture! Have loved working with them, and hope to do so again in their next home!

(Forgive my photography skills on this blown-out window here. But wanted to show you this awesome lamp I found at HomeGoods (Pottery Barn shade)).

I made a note last time about this goofy fireplace in the corner - the clients don't use it, and didn't want to buy more seating with a future move on the horizon. So we pretended it didn't exist ;)

Hope you enjoyed this peek!

Color Theory: Plum and Pomegranate

Maggie Stephens

There is something so delicious about jewel tones. They never fail to make a space feel warm, inviting, and luxurious.

Sure you can go all out (throw in some emerald and peacock while you're at it) but I love the pared down simplicity of plum and pomegranate (also known as deep purple and rich red). Just the right amount of jewel tones to feel lux, but still feels elegant rather than sumptuous. 

Photos: Home and Garden, unknown, Better Homes and Gardens.

Just for Fun: Botanical Dining

Maggie Stephens

Channeling a bit of my inner Lauren Liess on this one - loved the idea of pairing a set of dried botanicals with that killer pendant. A round table in a light wood made the most sense, then it was a matter of finding a chair that was heavy enough to balance the busy walls but also delicate and not overpowering (since you'd need four or six). A soft blue rug added just a wash of color, though I also considered a light geometric pattern. Wall sconces add another source of lighting. And for a real room, I'd probably add some kind of buffet or hutch - maybe in a lacquered airy blue or sage green.