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Maggie Rose Blog

Our Place: Baby Stephens Nursery Plan

Maggie Stephens

Naturally since finding out we were expecting, I've had our baby's first room on the mind. I had a pretty clear vision of the large furniture that fit whether we had a boy or a girl, and I had a rug picked out for each sex. Once we found out BOY I've been filling in the gaps.

As a reminder, we are in a two-bedroom apartment. The second bedroom is currently my office, and also our "hobby" room with our guitars and art supplies and such. Most of the office pieces will move to our bedroom (more on that later) so we'll have two small bookshelves left over plus what you see below. We're using the curtains I already have.

*note - we haven't really started purchasing yet, so some elements may change. Dresser shown is an example of what we're looking for at the flea market. Glider is similar to one we chose that I can't find an image of online. I already hate that blue pouf I showed (hormones, haha), so that will be changing. But this is a pretty good idea of the direction we're heading!

I'm not a fan of "themed" rooms (all the pregnancy forums I've peeked at are debating "under the sea" or "rodeo" themes, etc. and I run away!). All the nurseries I've designed for clients have been theme-less, but with a basic color scheme. Mine doesn't even have that... loosely red and blue, I suppose. But I'm pretty confident that it will come together and be a fun and engaging place for our little guy. And with renting, can move to our next home with minimal changes.

So excited to have it start coming together! Hope to start ordering pieces (we got the red shelf already) in a month or two. Unless nesting kicks in early...

A brand new year!

Maggie Stephens

Well I certainly didn't mean to take such an extended blog break! But stepping back for a bit has been good for me, and I do feel a bit more refreshed.

We took a glorious two weeks off at Christmas and New Years - spent most of our time in Washington State visiting family, and a few days on our own in Seattle, staying at our wedding hotel! It was a wonderful trip, but we were also glad to have a few days of downtime at home before work started back up again in 2015!

Meanwhile, new clients, new projects, and the beginning of tax season have been taking up most of my work-day, while another personal development has been grabbing at my attention as well...

That's right, we're adding a baby boy to our household around the end of July! Now that I'm firmly in my second trimester, I'm finally feeling a little more human and a little less of a zombie, and hopefully my rediscovered energy will be channeled into some new blog posts! Already working on one with our nursery plans in it.

Hope you have been well and had a wonderful holiday season and start to your new year! I didn't even make New Year's Resolutions this time around. But in whole I'm feeling pretty optimistic about 2015 :)

Holiday Greetings!

Maggie Stephens

Things have been a little quiet on this blog the last couple of weeks... client work, sickness, holiday time (and the tiredness that comes from both those last things...) have been taking up my days. Happy to have everything at a good pause point to take some time off for Christmas and New Year's! Trying to fully unplug from work, so I won't be checking email (gasp! I know). 

Happy Holidays to you and yours (no matter what you're celebrating). I'll see you in 2015!

Color Theory: Olive and Blush

Maggie Stephens

Mixing muddied and muted tones with soft pastels will always result in a moody but soft interior. I especially like mixing a potentially unappealing color like olive green with a romantic blush tone. You get a lovely sense of contrast as well as temperature balance. Plus it's not commonly seen, so the interiors (or outfits!) with this combination always look fresh and interesting.

Take a look: