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I'm Loving...

Maggie Stephens

I've been stumbling across all kinds of great online shops lately, mostly thanks to my favorite social media platform, Instagram. Always enjoy seeing what creative shop owners pull together to form their own store's aesthetic, and discovering new products along the way. Makes me dream of having a tiny storefront one day, but until then I'll have to be satisfied sharing my finds here with you :) 

One of my favorite places to find something quirky, colorful, and unique is John Derian. He currently has a beautiful collection that is a collaboration with Astier de Villatte ceramics. Every piece is gorgeous, but I'm particularly drawn to the dinner plates, which I would mix with our Juliska wedding china.

This bed is part of the Pottery Barn Warehouse Sale, and I love that while it's a bold statement on it's own, it's also a great backdrop for whatever kind of look you want to do with your textiles. Classic French toile? Rustic linen and antique pillowcases? Indian Kantha quilt and embroidered suzani shams? Anything goes.

Speaking of Astier de Villatte... I adore this vase. I've been looking for new vessels for flowers - and this would look equally chic when empty. 

I've been planning a purchase from artist Wayne Pate for a while now. Of course I'm having a very hard time narrowing down to what piece(s) I want... luckily his prints are very affordable. He is also one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow.

I have been loving long lumbar pillows on beds lately, and this embroidered pillow from Furbish would be gorgeous in any setting. 

Been eyeing this chair for a while, but have no where to put it in my own home. Filing away for future use because I love the simplicity.

Our Place: Master Bedroom

Maggie Stephens


This post has been in the works for a long time. Somehow every time I'm just about ready to take photos to share, something else in our bedroom changes. So I've got a lot to share with you.

At the end of last summer or early fall, we finally added curtains to the bedroom. Honestly, I'd been planning to skip it all together - the windows are crazy high (read: lots and lots of yardage needed) and the investment just wasn't something I wanted to do for a rental. Then our apartment building changed out some of the lighting directly outside our window. What made the walkway below significantly safer and better lit, also meant that it was glaringly bright in our bedroom even at 3 a.m. Neither of us were sleeping well. Which meant our huge windows needed blackout curtains.

After pricing out a few options and cringing at the expense, I opted for ready-made curtains from Pottery Barn - the silk dupioni being the only option that came in the proper length with a blackout lining. I probably would have preferred linen in a perfect world, but we were desperate to get something up and they are beautiful curtains.

We also finally got a headboard - something I've been waffling on for, oh... years. I love the idea of a patterned headboard, or even a canopy bed. But I know my taste is a little too fickle to commit to a fabric. We also hope that whenever we buy a home we'll be upgrading to a king size bed (and hopefully then I'll get my canopy), and this bed will go into a guest room. So I wanted something versatile but still pretty. I'd been stalking this one for months until one day last fall the stars aligned and I found myself with a coupon AND a sale and basically pounced. So sometimes procrastinating can really work in your favor ;)

Finally, with our second bedroom changing over from office to nursery, most of the office furniture will be coming into our bedroom. We started with the bookshelves to make space for baby stuff. I'd considered several arrangements until the practicality of measurements (oh, right) dictated that the shelves flank the new headboard. I actually really love how this part is turning out. The big lamps we had in our last two apartments were suddenly too clunky, so we snapped up some Serena and Lily lamps during a One Kings Lane sale. And I've been busy arranging and re-arranging the shelves ever since. We're still in need of a few baskets and other storage pieces, but so far I'm not minding the mix.

What's coming up next - eventually the desk and computer will move into this room, but first we'll have a bassinet and new roommate for a few months ;)  When we finish the office transition I'd also love to make some updates to the bedding, although it's already a little warm for a duvet in April! And then other than a few accessorizing changes, I think this room will be pretty well finished!

Monday Moment

Maggie Stephens

Sharing just a peek at the (ahem) progress in the office-to-nursery project in our apartment. The last few weekends have been busy - we found the dresser I've been agonizing over, painted the cream walls a slightly cooler off-white, and have been carrying loads of STUFF between rooms in an effort to ease the chaos a bit. You know the saying "it gets worse before it gets better"? We're kind of in that right now. Finding homes for not only the baby stuff that has started arriving, but NEW homes for the office & hobby stuff that is getting displaced. Like those guitars. No idea where those are going in a few months.

I realized this weekend that the beginning of my third trimester (tomorrow!?!) means the clock is ticking on free weekends, time to organize, time to enjoy as a two-some, and of course... sleep. So far, experienced parents have told Ryan that we need to go to the movies, and told me that I need to sleep "while I still can" so I guess we're hoping to do as much of those things as possible. Maybe an excursion up to the city just for fun, as well as our babymoon down the coast (I'm counting down the days!). Of course I can't wait to meet our little guy, and I'm sure the next 13(+) weeks will fly by.

Happy Monday, folks! 

Designer Spotlight: Kelly Deck Design

Maggie Stephens

I love when I stumble across a new-to-me designer and get to spend a coffee break flipping through their portfolio. It's refreshing to see a new point of view, real spaces (not ones only styled for magazines), and see what other designers are up to. When I saw Vancouver, B.C. designer Kelly Deck's portfolio, I was struck by the marriage between modern and traditional, her use of neutrals, clean lines, and simple but beautiful homes. I just had to share.

See more of her work on Houzz