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Maggie Rose Blog

I've got my eye on...

Maggie Stephens

If you follow me on social media you probably saw a mention last week about a little interview I did on Lauren Nelson's site (formerly known as Girls of Lincoln Park). It was a fun interview and I love her blog, so it was such a fun opportunity. 

One question she asked was about pieces I've got my eye on lately, and two of them in particular I just had to share here as well. 

First is this dresser from Crate & Barrel. My mind has started to shift gears at home to our bedroom, which is pretty boring looking right now. While we aren't likely to get  rid of our current dresser, I'd love a pair of shorter dressers in place of nightstands. These caught my eye and hoy boy. Total perfection. I love the unstained teak, the long, low lines, the thin drawer pulls... basically the perfect kind of elegant, California cool. Just when I was wondering how I'd convince my husband to drop $3000 when we already have nightstands, I double checked the measurements and they are about six inches too big to fit on our bed wall. Darn it. I have my eye on these smaller (and cheaper) dressers, but I just can't quite get these out of my head.  Maybe need to custom design a more petite version...

I also have a thing for stools, benches, and poufs, so I'm always keeping one eye on what's new and different. I fell in looooove with this Arteriors bench (which of course I would buy in a pair). Super sleek lines, simple and restrained design... and just the right hint of quirkiness in the mosquito shape of the legs. I don't have a single place for them right now, plus realized that any future Stephens kiddos would be right at face-bashing height on those corners. But still, maybe for our empty-nester home...? ;)

So anyway, those are a couple things I've been day-dreaming about but won't be adding to our home any time soon. In fact, we have our next couple of purchases pretty much lined up but one keeps selling out and the other I'm waiting to go on sale. So no big changes around here lately, but hopefully soon there will be!

Nest Studio Hardware

Maggie Stephens

An easy fix in client projects (and my own home) is to change out boring hardware on dressers, nightstands, chests, etc. I use new hardware to spruce up vintage pieces as well as new pieces from big box stores. 

I'm always on the look-out for new sources for hardware, especially anything that is new and different. I stumbled on Nest Studio Collection a week or two ago and fell in love. Since it is so special, it has a price tag to match. The knobs run around $60-80, and the handles are more. Not totally outrageous (I've seen higher) but also not a cheapie quick fix. But too gorgeous not to share!

See what I mean? So gorgeous.

Given the price point, I wouldn't necessarily recommend these pulls to someone looking to do a quick low-cost update on a piece like an 8 drawer dresser. But a pair of pulls for nightstands could be an easy way to elevate a vintage piece or frumpy manufacturer's basics without breaking the bank.

Other uses - bathroom vanities, built-ins (cabinets or drawers), desk drawers, bar cabinet... the possibilities just may be endless!

Trend: Iron Beds

Maggie Stephens

I've been thinking a lot about our bedroom lately - I haven't done a thing to it since the movers set down our furniture a year ago - and one of the things one my list is a bed. We have our mattress and box spring on a bed frame with a skirt, but no headboard or footboard. I've been planning to buy a headboard, but lately iron beds have been catching my eye. Mostly Italian canopy beds, and then my interest wandered to just about any canopy bed with a thin black frame.

As much as I'd love to emulate this look in our bedroom, I don't think it's terribly practical for us. We have the space and height now, but no telling what our next bedroom will be in a couple of years (oh the joys of renting). So for now, I'm looking and dreaming! And maybe living vicariously through some of my clients!

I'm Loving: Fireclay Tile

Maggie Stephens

I don't do big renovation projects (maybe someday...) but I do keep my eye on finishes and materials for cosmetic renovations (a new backsplash, new cabinet finish, new fireplace surround, etc). I was so excited to find Fireclay Tile, made right here in California. They offer handmade tiles in some beautiful finishes. They have your basic subway tile in about a million colors, as well as glass tiles and brick tiles, but my favorite are the hand-painted tiles. Even the neutral tones come in interesting and modern designs (some of which feel very "now" but are based on traditional motifs). 

Fireclay Tile is are environmentally-friendly, using sustainable practices and recycled materials. So much more than just a pretty face ;) 

Here are some of my favorites (these are all under their handpainted tiles).

All images from Fireclay Tile.