Meet Maggie Stephens



To me, interior design is about expression. It tells the story of a person as soon as you walk in their front door. 

As a kid growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I used to beg to "re-do" my room. I wanted a bunk bed, then a loft, then curtains, then quirky science posters... I was never done designing my room because as a kid, I wasn't done developing myself. My hobbies and interests were changing and my environment reflected that. I believe as a decorator, my job is to bring the personalities of my clients into their decor in ways they never could have imagined on their own. Mixing eras, family heirlooms, junk shop finds, luxury furniture, and gorgeous textiles into one space is how I bring stories to life.

Now I live in San Jose, CA with my husband Ryan and baby boy, and our cat Thisbe. As our family grows, so does our story, adding layers to our home every step of the way.