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October Antiquing - Seattle Style

Maggie Stephens

I was back in Seattle visiting friends a few weeks ago and just had to hit up one of my old favorite haunts - Pacific Galleries Antique Mall. It's still one of my favorite places to hunt for treasures - even though I'm living 2 states away!  Above, the new(er) Rook Antiques is on the back side of the antique mall, and boasts a multitude of mid century gems. More Rook finds are mixed in with PG booths below...

Seriously debated bringing the above nude as my carry-on item flying home...

This custom credenza had linen door fronts and copper panels inset on the top. Filing away or future inspiration.

My Seattle trip coincided with the Alameda Flea at home, so I'm glad I got to sneak in a few hours for some antiquing! Hope you enjoyed!

P.S. A few years ago I did a similar trip, also in October! Check out the inspiration here.

2016 Thus Far

Maggie Stephens

Hello! It's only been 7 + months... a quick catch-up seems in order!

Our move went off without a hitch, and we've been settled in San Jose now for several months. While I still have some things I'd like to tweak here and there, the apartment is mostly "done" and I've been trying to plan a little photo shoot to show you some nice pictures of how our pieces evolved and have been working in the new space. I enjoy seeing that shift when others move homes, so I can't wait to share. Soon!

Also, my baby boy turned ONE! WHAT?! So crazy.

He is walking, babbling, getting into everything, and making working from home more of a "sprint" event than a "marathon" as I squeeze in work during naps and after bedtime. But he is a joy and this has been the fastest year of my life!

I've also had some amazing client projects going on that I can't wait to get some photos of... a peek at progress at one...

We have also been been traveling a bit (to Kauai and Washington) and hosting family here in California. It's really been a whirlwind of a year and it doesn't seem like it will be slowing down anytime soon. I hope to carve out a little more time for some blogging, but if that doesn't happen you can always find me on Instagram and Twitter!

Just for Fun: Our Place

Maggie Stephens

Last time I did a quickie "Just for Fun" design I reimagined my former bachelorette pad... today I thought I'd do a bit of fantasy decorating for the future - our new apartment in San Jose.

For the sake of some structure, I'm picturing the same living/dining room combo that we actually have, plus a master bedroom. If I had to start from scratch (and with a very generous budget!) this is maybe the direction I'd take... plus replacing the carpets with hardwood of course! ;)

Oh how I would love to see that come together in real life! However, I'm so excited to see our already owned (and much loved) pieces in our new space, maybe with a few additions as well. Movers are coming today! Wish us luck for a quick and painless move...