Art Update

The benefit of painting your own art is that when you get bored with it, painting over it isn't a big deal. And thankfully I have a husband who, after seeing me wrangle the painting off the wall and into the kitchen, and come scrounging for paints and a brush, says only, "Doing some painting?" As opposed to, "Do you think you should be doing that?" He's a keeper.

So is my new painting.


It only took me about 30 minutes and five paint colors (lilac, charcoal, navy, black, and white) to make that. Last time you saw it, it looked like this...

(The color of the sofa in real life is much closer to the "before" by the way).

And way back when I originally painted it...

Wow, that feels like a million years ago.

Moral of the story - grab a paintbrush. You'll get a whole new living room. Or at least a new painting.

Art Round-Up

I love a gallery wall arrangement that is eclectic... pieces gathered from all times, places, and all different styles and mediums. If you haven't been a big art collector and are starting from scratch, the prospect of such a collection can be daunting! After all, "eclectic" is only one aspect - you also want the arrangement to feel purposeful and cohesive. So I rounded up some of my favorite items (there were lots more that didn't quite fit into this arrangement!) and came up with this little collection of pieces that would look fab in someone's home. Head over to 55 Downing Street for the shopping links and notes!

55 Downing Street Gallery Wall Picks


Inspiratie_auto_auto_c876_c438_q_foto_landschap Surfacing quickly to let you know about this cool product! My client discovered this while brainstorming ideas for large scale art. Ixxi will take your photos and images and print them on square cards, which you attach together and hang. My favorite look is when a photo is enlarged this way, but you can also do a collage of images (baby pictures, travel pictures, you name it). And if you're in the Netherlands, you have access to a collection of printed works.

In general, this seemed like a cool way to get an affordable piece of large artwork (especially with no extra framing costs!). I'm filing this away for future reference.