A Sufjan Christmas

Ryan and I missed his holiday work party last weekend (the 8th) because we had tickets to the sold-out Sujfan Stevens Christmas concert sing-along at the Neptune. We've wanted to see him for years (though I think we would have preferred a regular non-holiday concert, but they are infrequent) so we jumped at the chance. It was a pretty odd show (he's known for his theatrics and being a little eccentric - but aren't most great artists?). But we had a great time. I think I'll let the pictures do the talking...




Wheel of Christmas!


This is where it got weird(er)... Sufjan dressed as the "Christmas Unicorn"...


Giant red balloons.


My favorite part - confetti machine. Every party must have one.



Loving Yellow Ostrich

Maybe it's because I have a secret love of ostriches, but I'm loving my newest musical find, band Yellow Ostrich. You should all love them too. Because I'm seriously addicted. Have a listen. <a href="http://yellowostrich.bandcamp.com/track/whale-3" _mce_href="http://yellowostrich.bandcamp.com/track/whale-3">WHALE by Yellow Ostrich</a>


Here's another song I like. <a href="http://yellowostrich.bandcamp.com/track/hahahaohhoho" _mce_href="http://yellowostrich.bandcamp.com/track/hahahaohhoho">Hahahaohhoho by Yellow Ostrich</a>


Seattle peeps - they're playing at the Crocodile at the end of the month! Ryan and I will be there. If you decide to go, let me know so we can say hi!

Music Monday :: Local Natives

It's been a while since we had a Music Monday around here! Today I'm sharing one of my current obsessions: Local Natives with one of my favorite songs, "Sun Hands" from their debut album, "Gorilla Manor."

When Ryan and I went to the Sasquatch music festival over Memorial Day weekend, these guys were there. This was one of the better songs in their set - I think the sound guy was finally getting the hang of their style (the first few songs were really out of balance). Anyway, give it a listen and let me know what you think!