Thisbe Friday

Too bad I didn't think of this a day earlier - Thisbe Thursday has a much better ring to it. I haven't shown any kitty pictures recently, so here's what our favorite feline has been up too in 2013...

Making new friends with my friend Elizabeth (fellow cat lady).



Learning the fine art of framing.



She is endlessly fascinated by the printers. She will sit and stare at them anytime they rev up to print.



This ugly orange chair is her favorite spot (outside of Ryan's lap). I'll get up from the computer to throw something in the trash and come back 20 seconds later and she's curled up here.



Getting pets from Ryan. Check out those back paws of bliss. IMG_1543


Pets from me are also acceptable.



She's also been a very attentive wedding planner. Family session of researching photographers and officiants.



Happy Friday!

Chair's biggest fan

We've had our new desk chair for about two weeks, and there is one family member who has logged the most hours on it... and it's not me, the one who works from home. No, I've been sent to the sofa with my laptop while Thisbe hogs the new chair.


Unfortunately the current fabric is a cat-fur magnet... so until we get it reupholstered (new fabric plus thicker/firmer foam on the seat to bump it up an inch or two), we're becoming fast friends with the vacuum and lint rollers.

Do your furry friends ever stage a take-over of new furniture?

How much is that kitty in the window?

The one on the lovely new seat? Well, Thisbe's not for sale, but she did serve as a lovely model for my latest project - a windowseat for the living room!

When we bought the Ikea shelf to house the records and record player (down there at the end), we thought it would also be a great way of bringing in a little more seating. Maybe not for four people at once, but in a pinch, someone a little heavier than Thisbe will have somewhere to sit besides the floor.

Using four-inch upholstery foam (you can see a hunk of leftover in the right side of the pic), I covered it with a cheapo fabric from Joann's that I got originally for pillows for the sofa. Since the background color (the brown) matches the sofa EXACTLY, the pattern looked like it was floating on the couch. Weird effect. Luckily we had this spot waiting for some fabric.

I cut the foam to shape (wishing I'd had the ladies at Joann's do this, as it would have been a cleaner cut) and wrapped the fabric around it like a present, using fabric glue to secure it. Do I wish I had the skills to sew a box-structured cover with piping and a zipper to remove it when someone spills? Yes. Am I going to Scotchguard the hell out of it because I didn't take the time to learn to do that? Yes.

Luckily Thisbe seems to like her new sunny morning spot to perch. What do you think?

Ring pulls

We've been focusing more on detail work as we prep our house for a photoshoot in mid-March. One thing I've been wanting to do is update the table we use as a tv stand.

This was actually sold as a coffee table at Target a few years ago when I bought it, but all the reviews said they used it as a tv stand. It was great for me when I had a tv and a dvd player. But boys come with toys, so we're now storing a stereo, blu-ray player, xbox, apple tv.... etc. So it's a little crowded and isn't a "forever" piece. But it is a "right now" piece and I'm working with what we got. By the way, it's photographing as much more "cherry" than it is in person. The wood is warm, but definitely a dark espresso stain, not cherry.

So I picked up two brass ring pulls from Lee Valley (pulls were cheap, shipping was a little high for only two items, but it was still under $15). They took me about 4 minutes to install last night while Ryan cooked dinner.

I LOVE them! The piece looks like it cost $100 more than it did. And what is inside? Man toys, of course!

Oh yes, I managed to fit all but three of the video games in there (and one controller lives with the remotes on the coffee table because I do like to stream Netflix on the xbox).

What else is going on in our living room?

Our new pillows have fluffy inserts! $10 for an 18x18 down pillow form at Crate and Barrel.

There's the fourth. It will soon be sitting on a cushion that will be our new "window seat". For now Thisbe has been sleeping on that fuzzy throw blanket. Speaking of which...

Thisbe says hello!