ORC : Powder Room Week 2

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Hi, and welcome back to my One Room Challenge, week 2! If you missed last week, take a moment to check out all the who/what/where. I'm tackling our downstairs powder room, taking it from "not much at all" to "modern farmhouse." 

But in design, words and descriptors aren't the best way to communicate - no, pictures are king. So just like I ask my clients to do, I pulled together some inspiration pictures for our powder room (this is also a great way to communicate with family members and other decision makers about overall vision). Not all my inspiration pics are strictly powder rooms, but I did take it easy on myself and stick to bathrooms.

Love this moody room from Studio McGee, and taking note on the mixing metals.


A little more traditional, from Blair Clarke. We have a white bead board in the powder room that I'd like to work around, I love that the dark takes the emphasis off the white below (her's is tile, but the result is similar).


And here I just love the vibe from Z+ Interiors, the mix of slightly more "farmhouse" traditional pieces with more clean lines and modern pieces. My room isn't nearly as spacious, but there are still ideas to glean. I also love the unexpected shape of the mirror.


I pulled together my design board, a little less detailed than for a client, but because I haven't made all my accessorizing decisions yet! But we are sticking with a pretty neutral palette, at least with the base pieces...

Design Board for ORC Powder Room.jpeg

We are staying white on the bead board, then going black above. Replacing the pedestal sink with a vanity will add some storage, and surface area for items like tissues. I selected an oil-rubbed bronze faucet, which matches our existing home's hardware like hinges and knobs. Because I wanted the light fixture to make a statement, I went with brass, then tied that back in with brass knobs that will go on the vanity. 

While I'm waiting to run around to my favorite vintage and antique spots before I make any concrete accessorizing decisions, I know I want to incorporate some natural touches, like a rattan tissue cover, and possibly using nature as a starting point for artwork (the tree photo is one I took myself and may frame). Or I may frame some textiles for more texture and pattern...

Budget-wise, I hope to stay under $2,000 though I already made a dent in that with these main pieces. All ordered and almost all shipped, with varying arrival dates. Fingers crossed the light fixture arrives in time!

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to see the other linking guest participants here!

ORC : Powder Room Week 1

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I've wanted to join in the One Room Challenge for a long time, but the timing (budget, flexibility) hasn't worked out until now. Now I have a big ol' house on which to make my mark, and when I knew we'd be moved in right before the ORC kick-off, I carved out a little budget to devote to that.

The One Room Challenge is a 6 week INTENSIVE design challenge, focused on one room from start to finish. Hosted and organized by Linda from Calling it Home, 20 designers are chosen to formally participate each season. I've decided to join in the "linking" party of guest participants. Anyone can join in! 

Let's dive in. If you are new here, I am an interior decorator in the Seattle area. It may help to know that I just moved into our new house less than 3 weeks ago and most of the house is a blank slate. None so much as our downstairs powder room. Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Same oak floors as the rest of the downstairs, same beadboard we have in our dining room (I'm not a huge fan, to be honest), same off-white wall color as most of the house.

Goals for the next 6 weeks:

  • Improve overall aesthetic to fit style of rest of our home - "modern farmhouse" and neutrals.
  • Add storage by replacing the pedestal sink with a vanity with cupboards.
  • Improve lighting to be more flattering.
  • Add accessories and pay attention to details that will set the tone for the rooms that follow.

Very excited to get started. Will share some inspiration pictures and our design board next week!


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Back in the PNW


After 4 years in California, Ryan and I had decided it was time to return home to the Seattle area. While we had some amazing opportunities in San Jose, we missed our family and friends and yes, all that rain!

We bought a little 3 bedroom house on beautiful Bainbridge Island and have been hard at work the last couple of weeks to try to get settled! We are still a long ways off but the community here has been welcoming and friendly, and we have a beautiful vision for our home, garden, and family! Our son loves going for walks around our neighborhood, and running wild circles around the house without the "shushing" on behalf of any downstairs neighbors.

Here's a little peek at our start, will be sharing some specific projects later this week! We are still surrounded by boxes and signs of moving, but we have new carpets coming next week which will let us finish moving in a bit more. And my personal goal is to be rid of boxes by November 1st! 


We are so excited (and maybe a little overwhelmed!) to be first time homeowners. After 4 different apartment rentals together, it is an amazing feeling to be able to really set down some roots and create a real home for our family.


Travel Diary: Los Angeles

In the spring, our little family traveled down to Los Angeles for a long weekend - from San Jose it's approximately a 6 hour drive (give or take, depending on traffic and the temperament of our kiddo). We hit some of the beautiful shops I've followed on social media for ages. What a treat!

First up was Lawson Fenning - both Ryan and I felt like we could have just packed the whole store into a truck and driven straight back to our house. Love those clean modern lines and all the unique lighting.

Then was Galerie Half. I loved this minimalist, curated store. Such a beautiful mix of rustic antiques and mid century shapes.

On Saturday we visited Hollywood At Home, where I bought several pillows for clients and made a wishlist for textiles I hope to incorporate into future projects.

Then headed over to Nickey Kehoe. Once again I loved that mix between rustic and modern... and gorgeous ceramics.

And it wouldn't be a trip to LA without a side trip to Disneyland! With a day of driving on either end, it was a perfect weekend escape. We can't wait to go back.