Shopping for Rugs on Instagram

Dip even one toe into the design community on Instagram and you'll find an account slinging vintage rugs. My favorite sellers tend to curate their selections into "batches" of 5-20 or so rugs, all unique, but the seller's personal taste and preference shines through. 

The main hurdle in shopping for these rugs IS that they are unique. I'm often looking for particular dimensions (or a range of dimensions), a tone or color palette, and a style (flat-weave, shaggy, etc.). And having all those elements line up into the perfect rug isn't going to happen without sifting through lots of beautiful rugs that are too small, too bright, the wrong texture.

So I follow quite a few "rug slingers" on Instagram so I can pounce on the perfect rugs when they are featured. Saves me time (I don't have to visit dozens of websites, I can just scroll through instagram) and there is a lovely sense of community there as well. I've rounded up some of my favorite accounts in case you too would like to shop for rugs on Instagram.

All photos from the featured seller's Instagram account.


Jean Palmer Home. Specializes in the worn, faded palette that I love right now.


Woven Abode. My entry rug is from them (sneak peeks on my instagram...). A lot of pretty rugs.


Vintage Rug Shop.  I see a lot of darker palette rugs come through here, plus red tones.


Rug and Weave. Husband & wife team (and an adorable baby). I've bought a rug for clients from them. HUGE variety and very knowledgeable about where the rugs come from, etc.


Loom and Kiln. These ladies have a whole shop with other goods (pillows, ceramics, art), but they do round up some gorgeous unique rugs. 


Frances Loom. Another shop with some beautiful muted tones coming through.


Kaya Kilims. I've bought several from them for clients. They are based in Turkey and only sell Turkish rugs. Despite the distance, the shipping has always been extremely quick.


The Southern Loom. She has a great variety of sizes, from very big to narrow runners and tinies.


Kennedy Rose Interiors. Jessica always has the most unique rugs! She shows great close up videos so you can see all the detail (just ask if there is one you'd like to see closer!).

Now I know I am missing some for sure, but these are some of my very favorite sources for vintage rugs for my own home and for clients! Please share other favorites in the comments!