Travel Diary: Los Angeles

In the spring, our little family traveled down to Los Angeles for a long weekend - from San Jose it's approximately a 6 hour drive (give or take, depending on traffic and the temperament of our kiddo). We hit some of the beautiful shops I've followed on social media for ages. What a treat!

First up was Lawson Fenning - both Ryan and I felt like we could have just packed the whole store into a truck and driven straight back to our house. Love those clean modern lines and all the unique lighting.

Then was Galerie Half. I loved this minimalist, curated store. Such a beautiful mix of rustic antiques and mid century shapes.

On Saturday we visited Hollywood At Home, where I bought several pillows for clients and made a wishlist for textiles I hope to incorporate into future projects.

Then headed over to Nickey Kehoe. Once again I loved that mix between rustic and modern... and gorgeous ceramics.

And it wouldn't be a trip to LA without a side trip to Disneyland! With a day of driving on either end, it was a perfect weekend escape. We can't wait to go back.